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Do I have to lose my curl if I don’t want to?

Absolutely not. Part of what makes Gussi, Gussi is that you get to choose how you style your hair. Our products are ...

Hey, Gussi here, at-home keratin treatment’s crowning achievement. Maybe you’re looking for a smoothing remedy you can do yourself, processing in just 20 minutes, without needing to put on hard pants. Or perhaps spending a sizable fortune and a wad of hours on salon treatments isn’t really your thing. Could also be that you simply want ridiculously shiny, frizz-free, fuss-free hair that’s not just really fun to look at, but healthy, too. For six glorious, glorious weeks. Oh, what’s that? You want all the above and then some other stuff, too? No problem.

Gussi’s an innovative keratin-based smoothing treatment that leaves hair smoother, shinier and healthier than before. And, unlike many in-salon treatments, Gussi ditches the formaldehyde—a carcinogen that, if you can believe it, is found in most popular straighteners.