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Hot Tips for
Gussi-Gorgeous Hair

Fight your frizz with Gussi for that beautiful smooth hair you've always dreamed about! Here are some sizzling hot tips to keep in mind when applying Gussi's At-Home Keratin Treatment to make your strands shockingly shiny.

Drying Tips

Thoroughly towel dry your hair after using the clarifying shampoo. Extra water or shampoo can dilute the product and cause uneven results.

Blow dry on medium heat and ensure the your hair is fully dry, root to tip. Do not blow dry upside down. If steams comes out while flatironing, your hair isn't completely dry!

Blow dry with a round brush keeping tension on your hair to smooth out your hair as much as possible. Leaving excess moisture in your hair can result in a lingering scent which can last 3-4 shampoos.

Flatiron Tips

When using a flatiron, make sure to slowly straighten each ½ -1” piece a minimum of 3-4 times. Do not rush this part!

Pay close attention to the root area. This hair is the healthiest and will need more heat with more passes to lock in the treatment.

Be sure to clean your flatiron before smoothing. Product buildup on the iron can alter the temperature and impact treatment results.

Avoiding Smell

Be sure to rinse your scalp as well as the ends of your hair. Leaving treatment on your scalp can cause a lingering smell.

Hair must be 100% dry after blow drying before flatironing. Damp areas will cause an unpleasant scent, if you think too much treatment is left in or your hair feels sticky, light rinse again before blowdrying.

Avoid flatirons that use steam to work. Extra steam adds moisture in your hair, a big no-no.


Rinse your hair with water at a comfortable temperature. Very hot water can remove too much treatment, not leaving enough to lock in.