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The First At-Home

Keratin Treatment

Sleek, smooth, frizz-free hair

for up to 6 weeks.

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DIY Frizz-Free


In Just An Hour

For all hair types, textures & tones.

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At-Home Keratin Treatment Kit - Gussi
At-Home Keratin Treatment Kit
Protection Plan™ Upkeep Shampoo
Protection Plan™ Upkeep Shampoo
Protection Plan™ Keratin-Infused Conditioner
Protection Plan™ Keratin-Infused Conditioner

Frizz, go ahead and take the next six weeks off

Hey, hi, hello! Gussi here, an innovative, first-of-its-kind, non-toxic keratin smoothing treatment. Best thing since… uh… ever. Professional salon-quality obtained at home, in about an hour from start to finish, and oh so easy-to-use.

What’s better than a great hair day? Forty-two of them. Get smoother, shinier and healthier hair that lasts and lasts, with just one treatment. Wear it straight and sleek or flaunt those beautiful shiny curls - either way, it’s gonna be super smooth, baby. For six glorious, glorious weeks. No frizz, no fuss. So you can shine bright and feel as fabulous as you look.

Ready to smooth it your way? Yeah, we thought so.

Fabulous hair results

Delivers smooth, frizz-free, glossy hair
Results last for six weeks
Repairs dry, damaged strands
Cuts blow dry time by 30%

Easy to use

Only about an hour, start to finish
No waiting time to wash or style hair

Works for everyone

Color safe
Doesn't change hair structure. Embrace your curls - if you want!

Clean, safe & cruelty-free

  • PETA-certified cruelty-free
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Phthalate-free

Formaldehyde-free for you and me

We’re proud to say no and absolutely no to formaldehyde, which is a common ingredient in a lot of smoothing treatments.

Why do we do without it?

Because formaldehydes can be extremely dangerous, releasing harmful toxic gas into the air you breathe and even into your skin - making this ingredient not just risky for you, but for pets and kiddos, too. Yikes.

We wanted Gussi to have standards as high as yours. So we swapped out formaldehydes and other harmful chemicals in favor of a safe, clean and powerful unique frizz-fighting formulation that’s gentle on hair and never tested on animals. You’ll look great with hair that’s smoother, silkier and stronger - and you’ll feel great about it, too.

Everyone's Gushing About Gussi

"Enter Gussi, the brand innovating keratin treatments with natural ingredients and the ability to DIY."

"Gussi is just what you need for your next self-care Sunday."

"Gussi was created specifically with DIYers in mind."

"This v adorable at-home kit leaves your hair smoother and shinier for six weeks."

“The entire at-home process was so seamless and it gave me even healthier-looking results than the pricey salon treatments.”

“Recreate the effects of a keratin treatment at home with these easy-to-use products.”

“If your hair needs a little extra love, pick a formula with keratin — it adds shine and strengthens hair to prevent future breakage.”

“The best non-toxic at-home keratin treatment. Stylists are obsessed with Gussi’s results.”

“This innovative at-home keratin kit is professional-grade quality and gives you smooth hair for up to six weeks.”