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Salon-level results, at-home ease

Step 1


Wash your hair twice with Squeaky Clean Priming Shampoo to prep it for treatment. Do not condition at this time. Towel dry.

Step 2


Section hair into four to six parts, shake Smooth Operator Keratin Treatment well, then spray each section 6-8” away from hair, root to tip, taking care not to get any in your eyes. Refer to the chart below for the amount of product needed per section for your hair type. For long or coarse hair you may use up the entire bottle for a single application. Comb the product through each section of your hair—you should see tiny foamy bubbles in the teeth of your comb indicating where you’ve used enough Gussi. We’ve designed Gussi to slightly foam to indicate the saturation level, so you’ll know where you’ve already applied and where you need more to even it out. Repeat with each section of hair. Have that comb ready, though, the foaming happens quickly.

Hot tips:
  • More sprays per section should be added based upon the foaming action. If no foam appears, spray more into the section.
  • Keep product away from your eyes and be careful not to get the treatment on your clothing.
Step 3


When 20 minutes are up, hop in the shower and lightly rinse your hair and scalp with only water for approximately 30 seconds (don’t use shampoo in this step)—don’t overdo it, there should still be some treatment left in your strands after the rinse. If you’ve got longer hair, hold the ends of your hair up, closer to your head, so the treatment doesn’t run down your back. You’ll want your hair to feel as if there’s a little slickness to it, similar to how it feels after you’ve applied a leave-in conditioner. A good indicator of having enough product on your hair is being able to run your fingers through it without any tangles. Do not use conditioner or detangling spray at this time.

Hot tips:
  • Rinse hair with lukewarm water. Very hot water can remove too much treatment, not leaving enough to lock in.
  • Be sure to rinse the scalp as well as the ends of the hair, leaving treatment on the scalp can result in a lingering smell.
Step 4


Towel dry thoroughly and then blow dry hair completely on medium heat, using a round brush with tension on the hair to smooth it out. Hair must be 100% dry in order to ensure the treatment will be properly locked in.

Hot tips:
  • We recommend using your blow dryer on medium heat to fully dry the hair, as using high heat may dry the outside of the hair only, leaving the core of the hair shaft damp which can hinder your results
  • Leaving moisture in the hair can also result in a scent which can linger for 3-4 shampoos. This scent is temporary and only noticeable when the hair is wet. If you smell a very strong scent, the hair feels sticky, or does not blow dry easily, this means too much treatment was left in the hair. Lightly re-rinse.
  • Blow dry with a round brush keeping tension on the hair to smooth it out as much as possible. This is very important to make sure the treatment locks in your smoothest hair.treatment on the scalp can result in a lingering smell.
Step 5


Wipe down your flatiron to remove any product build up. Flatiron hair at 360-410° F in ½ - 1” sections to lock in the treatment. This part will require at least 3-4 passes for each ½ - 1” section to get the smooth result you want. Don’t rush here, take your time with each pass to ensure the treatment is locked in as smooth as possible. Note: this step is necessary to lock in the treatment, but it will not permanently straighten hair - your wave or curls will return (minus the frizz!) after your next shower.

Refer to the chart below for flatiron temperature guidance for your hair type, never exceed a max temperature of 410° to protect those beautiful locks. 

Hot tips:
  • Avoid flatirons which use “steam” to work. This extra steam will add moisture back into the hair.
  • If you observe steam being emitted from your hair while flatironing, this means your hair is not actually fully dry. Grab that blowdryer and round brush, and keep on drying until hair is bone dry before you proceed to the Lock step.
  • When flatironing, make sure to slowly smooth each 1/2 - 1” piece a minimum of 3-4 times - it is super important not to rush this part! Pay close attention to the root area. This part of the hair is the healthiest and will need more passes to lock in the treatment.

Ooh La La

Now that you’re done, style however you like and enjoy shiny, frizz-free hair for up to six weeks. No need to wait! Immediately following your treatment you’re free to work out, wash your hair, braid your hair, color your hair, curl it, whatever you want. Might we suggest starting with a few selfies? #gussiup

  • Temperature of flatiron: 360 – 390°F
  • Number of sprays per section: 6 sections, 15 sprays per section*
  • Treatment process time: 20 minutes for dry, 15 minutes for damaged
  • Hot tip: Keep the ends protected during the rinse to not rinse out too much treatment.
  • Temperature of flatiron: 360 – 380°F
  • Number of sprays per section: 4 sections, 10 sprays per section*
  • Treatment process time: 15 minutes
  • Hot tip: Flatiron in 1” sections and iron the sections on the top of the hair straight up for some volume.
  • Temperature of flatiron: 390 – 410°F
  • Number of sprays per section: 6-8 sections, 20 sprays per section. Recommend additional spray over the entire hair once the last section is saturated*
  • Treatment process time: 20 minutes
  • Hot tip: Flatiron hair in ½” sections, you may need 6 passes per ½” section to fully lock in the treatment.
  • Temperature of flatiron: 380 - 410°F
  • Number of sprays per section: 4-6 sections, 15 sprays per section*
  • Treatment process time: 20 minutes