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Easy For Everyone, Promise.

Five simple steps for weeks of great hair. Safe for all.

Sleek & smooth locked in your locks, in a wink.

Only about an hour start to finish
No waiting time to wash or style hair
Color safe
Doesn’t change hair structure. Embrace your curls - if you want!
Step 1


Let's get started! Wash hair twice with Squeaky Clean™ Priming Shampoo to prep it for treatment. Use one oz of shampoo for each wash. Do not use conditioner or any other products. Towel dry.

If you have very dry or damaged hair, just one wash will do it.

Step 2


Check out our easy application chart below so you know exactly what your hair type needs.

Divide hair into even sections -we recommend using clips to keep it neat. Shake Smooth Operator™ Keratin Treatment well. Push the round on/off switch at the base of the sprayer.

Hold 6" away from hair and spray each section from root to tip. Fully saturate hair - more is more here! Be careful to keep out of eyes and nose.

Comb treatment through each section using a plastic comb. Tiny foamy bubbles will appear in the teeth of the comb showing where there's enough. Use additional sprays per section until the foam appears. Make sure to comb through all sections so hair is evenly saturated. Let treatment process for 15-30 minutes. Feel free to clip hair back while you wait so it's out of the way. Relax and enjoy a little me time!

You may experience a slight smell during the application process but don't fret, this is normal and non-toxic. We recommend applying the treatment in a well-ventilated area or opening a window if possible.

Hot tip
  • More sprays per section should be added based upon the foaming action. If no foam appears, spray more into the section.
  • Keep product away from your eyes and be careful not to get the treatment on your clothing.
Step 3


Ding! When 15-30 minutes are up, hop in the shower and lightly rinse your hair and scalp for just 30 seconds. Use only lukewarm water and don't overdo it - there should still be a small amount of treatment left in hair after rinsing. Hair should feel as if there's a little slickness to it from the residual product. Do not use conditioner or any other products.

Hot tip
  • Rinse hair with lukewarm water. Very hot water can remove too much treatment, not leaving enough to lock in.
  • Be sure to rinse the scalp as well as the ends of the hair, leaving treatment on the scalp can result in a lingering smell.
Step 4


Towel dry and then blow dry hair completely on medium heat, using a round or paddle brush to smooth it out. Hair must be 100% dry in order to ensure the treatment will be properly locked in. If you smell a very strong scent, the hair feels sticky, or does not blow dry easily, this mean too much treatment was left in the hair. Lightly re-rinse, then proceed.

Hot tip
  • We recommend using your blow dryer on medium heat to fully dry the hair, as using high heat may dry the outside of the hair only, leaving the core of the hair shaft damp which can hinder your results.
  • Leaving moisture in the hair can also result in a scent which can linger for 3-4 shampoos. This scent is temporary and only noticeable when the hair is wet. If you smell a very strong scent, the hair feels sticky, or does not blow dry easily, this means too much treatment was left in the hair. Lightly re-rinse.
  • Blow dry with a round brush keeping tension on the hair to smooth it out as much as possible. This is very important to make sure the treatment locks in your smoothest hair.treatment on the scalp can result in a lingering smell.
Step 5


Almost done! To lock in the treatment, flat iron hair in ½-1" sections at 360-410°F. Clips are helpful again here. Never exceed a max iron temperature of 410°F to protect those gorgeous locks. Our Mane Squeeze™ 1” Titanium & Ceramic Flat Iron is perfect to set exactly the right temperature for your hair type, thanks to its easy-to-read digital display and precise heat control. If hair emits steam when you begin to flat iron, it is still damp and needs to be blow dried more.

Run the flat iron for 3-4 passes over each section of hair. Don't rush it here, this step is critical to ensure the treatment is locked in as smooth as possible.

NOTE: This steps is absolutely necessary to activate all the Gussi-goodness, but it will not permanently straighten your hair. Your natural texture will return (minus the frizz!) right after the next wash.

Hot tip
  • Avoid flatirons which use “steam” to work. This extra steam will add moisture back into the hair. We recommend using our Mane Squeeze™ 1” Titanium & Ceramic Flat Iron, duh!
  • If you observe steam being emitted from your hair while flatironing, this means your hair is not actually fully dry. Grab that blowdryer and round brush, and keep on drying until hair is bone dry before you proceed to the Lock step.
  • When flatironing, make sure to slowly smooth each 1/2 - 1” piece a minimum of 3-4 times - it is super important not to rush this part! Pay close attention to the root area. This part of the hair is the healthiest and will need more passes to lock in the treatment.

Ooh La La

All set! Style however you like and now go enjoy shiny, smooth, healthy hair for up to six weeks! Plus, no downtime needed. Go ahead and feel free to immediately wash hair, color it, work out whatever you want. Might we suggest starting with a few selfies?

Post your #gussiUP & tag us on all your socials!

We'd love to hear from you if you'd kindly leave us a review about your experience and results.

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Pick Your
Hair Type:

  • Product Application*: 4 sections, 10 sprays per section
  • Treatment process time: 15 mins
  • Flat Iron Temperature: 360°-380°F

  • Product Application*: 4-6 sections, 15 sprays per section
  • Treatment process time: 25 mins
  • Flat Iron Temperature: 380°-410°F

Thick / Coarse
  • Product Application*: 6-8 sections, 20 sprays per section
  • Treatment process time: 30 mins
  • Flat Iron Temperature: 390°-410°F

Dry / Damaged
  • Product Application*: 6 sections, 15 sprays per section
  • Treatment process time: 20 mins
  • Flat Iron Temperature: 360°-390°F

*Recommendations based on shoulder-length hair, more product recommended for longer hair.