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What is Gussi?

Gussi is a keratin smoothing treatment just like you’d get in a salon, only at home and for less time and money. We're specially formulated to make hair shiny, smooth, and frizz-free for up to six weeks.  Gussi is committed to using clean, non-toxic ingredients that help make your hair healthier while also looking flawless. Gussi is 100% formaldehyde-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free, instead packed with hair-loving ingredients like keratin, moringa seed oil, soy protein and vitamins.

How does Gussi work?

Our At-home Keratin Treatment is quick and easy to DIY, with just five simple steps done from the comfort of your own bathroom. The whole treatment can be done from start to finish in about one hour, as opposed to hours in the salon.

Gussi gives you the freedom to wear your hair how you want, whenever you want - all while keeping the healthy shine. Hair can be washed, curled, braided, put up in a ponytail, or kept straight immediately following the treatment. No waiting, no compromising. 

How long does Gussi last?

One Gussi treatment delivers amazing hair results for up to six weeks! The time will vary based on your hair type and lifestyle factors such as how often you wash your hair. You can protect your newly flawless hair when using our Protection Plan™ keratin maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner. Both are equipped with powerful ingredients that help to refresh your treatment and keep hair smoother, longer.

Does Gussi make my hair straight?

The short answer is: nope. With Gussi, you can embrace your natural texture and curls - if you want to! Gussi is not a chemical straightening or relaxer treatment. It doesn’t break the bonds of your hair so it doesn’t straighten hair but instead makes it smoother, easier to manage, and faster to blow-dry. Your curls will come back after the first wash feeling softer, stronger, and frizz-free!

Are the products safe?

They are indeed! All Gussi products are free of formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates and methylene glycol. We’re cruelty-free as we do absolutely no animal testing, earning us both PETA and Leaping Bunny certifications. Bonus: our Protection Plan™ Upkeep Shampoo and Conditioner are both sulfate-free, too.

You mention Gussi is formulated without formaldehyde. What’s so bad about formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a common ingredient in a lot of keratin smoothing treatments used today, but Gussi made the choice to formulate our smoothing treatment without it because, frankly, formaldehydes can be extremely dangerous. If there’s formaldehyde in a product, even after it’s rinsed out, harmful toxins are released into your hair, skin and throughout your home—especially after heat is applied. Worse yet, you can breathe these toxic fumes into your lungs once they’ve been emitted into the air, making this ingredient risky not just for you, but for pets and kiddos, too. Not great, right?


A lot of countries and states are banning formaldehyde in beauty products altogether, and we wanted to stand ahead of the pack here in the U.S. and launch a product we could feel good about people using. Not just when it comes to results, but ethics, too. Because we have standards as high as yours!

Since Gussi doesn’t have formaldehyde, does that mean it won’t work as well as salon keratin treatments?

At Gussi we don’t believe you should have to risk your health to get beautiful hair. We’ve developed a highly effective formulation including natural ingredients like proteins and vitamins that fortify the hair while smoothing it powerfully, yet safely. Take it from our thousands of fans when they say it really works! Gussi is not a chemical relaxer, but it effectively penetrates the hair without damaging it, leaving it healthier than before. Keep in mind that because we omit dangerous formaldehyde and other chemicals, Gussi will not leave your hair permanently straightened like you may have seen from a salon treatment.

Is Gussi clean?

We sure are! Gussi is proudly formaldehyde-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. We go beyond that by saying buh-bye to even more nasties.

Is Gussi vegan?

Gussi is made with keratin proteins that are derived from sheep’s wool, and our Protection Plan™ Upkeep Shampoo and Conditioner include sericin that is derived from discarded silkworm cocoons, but no animals are harmed in the harvesting of these ingredients. These materials would otherwise go to waste if we didn’t use them! All other Gussi ingredients are vegan.

Is Gussi cruelty free?

Absolutely! Gussi is certified by both PETA and the Leaping Bunny organizations as cruelty-free. This means absolutely no testing on animals - never have, never will. Because we love Fido just as much as you do!

Is Gussi hypoallergenic?

We always recommend a patch test on your arm or the back of your neck, waiting 15 minutes to ensure no reaction, especially if you have any allergies or skin sensitivity. While our ingredients are safe for topical use, if you have any health or skin conditions, we suggest consulting your physician or dermatologist before use.

Where is Gussi made?

Gussi is proudly made in the USA. All our formulas are made in the USA and our packaging is made of US and imported parts.

Why does the Squeaky Clean™ Priming Shampoo contain sulfates?

Sulfates are required in this product as a one-time pre-treatment step to open the hair cuticle so that it accepts the Gussi treatment, allowing it to truly penetrate the hair shaft. Gussi’s SqueakyClean™ Priming Shampoo has been designed with a neutral pH level equal to water and slightly higher than that of hair, making it far less damaging than other similar priming shampoos. Our Protection Plan™ Upkeep Shampoo and Conditioner that we recommend for ongoing use are both entirely free of sulfates.

Is Gussi suitable for all hair types?

Yes, Gussi can be used on all hair! Results may vary according to a number of factors, like the type of hair you have, the texture, coarseness, porosity (which is fancy speak for your hair’s ability to absorb moisture), if your hair is chemically-treated, as well as your hair’s overall condition and health.

Can Gussi be used on color-treated hair?

Yes, Gussi can be used on color-treated hair! If you’re in the mood to color your hair or already have an appointment booked, go ahead. You can color your hair immediately following your Gussi treatment.


If you’ve very recently colored your hair, you may experience a slight color shift after using Gussi — brightening and refreshing blondes or lifting artificial color for darker and red or burgundy hues. We recommend waiting at least five washes after your color service before you Gussi up. Reduce the temperature of your flat iron by 10° from the recommended temperature to prevent heat damage.


Henna and progressive hair color may contain metallic salts like copper, silver, lead, and magnesium. These metallic salts can eventually build up on the hair causing adverse results; dry, damaged, dull, or brittle. If the hair has been treated with an at home henna, it is recommended to remove the henna from the hair prior to a Gussi treatment.

Will Gussi change the color of my hair?

As with all keratin smoothing treatments, there is a potential to alter color. Freshly applied hair color (professional or at-home) has a higher tendency of lightening or changing. If your hair has red, orange, pink, blue, green, or any other bright fashion colors, there also may be a greater tendency for change. Fragile, blonde, or natural gray hair can show warmth if a flat iron with too high of temperature is used during the lock step. 


You can eliminate any potential issues related to color change if your hair is colored right after your Gussi treatment. If you have recently colored your hair, we recommend waiting at least five washes before applying Gussi. If unwanted warmth does start to occur during the lock step, decrease the flat iron temperature, and increase the number of passes with the flat iron.

Can I use Gussi if I’ve used another chemical straightener?

If you’ve recently used another chemical straightening treatment, we recommend giving your hair a break and waiting at least two weeks before using Gussi.

Is Gussi safe for damaged hair?

Definitely, and it’ll nourish hair and leave it in better condition than it was prior to the treatment. Our Squeaky Clean™ Priming Shampoo has a neutral pH level equal to water and slightly higher than that of hair, so it lifts the cuticle only a small amount, allowing the nature-derived treatment ingredients to penetrate hair without incurring damage. The Smooth Operator™ Keratin Treatment is full of moisturizing and restorative vitamins and oils to repair, strengthen and protect hair. Gussi also strengthens hair that is experiencing breakage, helping it to grow longer, stronger and thicker.


Repeated application of Gussi treatments over time will restore the hair’s health and condition, repairing damage from prior chemical services such as coloring, bleaching, relaxing or formaldehyde-based treatments. In fact, if you use Gussi repetitively, results improve and the treatment will last longer each time it is used. 

Does Gussi get rid of my curls?

Absolutely not. Part of what makes Gussi, Gussi is that you get to choose how you style your hair. Our products are formulated to never break the bonds of the hair, which means your curly hair can come back whenever you like, but the curl will be more elongated for the duration of your treatment. If you want a super sleek appearance, flat iron your hair for a smooth as glass look. If you want to show off some curl, just use a diffuser when you blow dry or air dry it to get some of your natural curl pattern back - it will be more elongated and shiny. So, for the entire six weeks of your treatment, you’re never locked into one look—you’ve got nothing but pretty possibilities ahead.

Does Gussi’s at-home keratin treatment work in humid weather?

We’ve formulated to stand up to the elements, so even if it’s humid or rainy, your treatment results are proven to hold up.

Can I use Gussi while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Gussi is formulated without formaldehydes or dangerous chemicals, though, to be extra safe, we always recommend double-checking with your physician for a professional recommendation before you begin your smoothing treatment.

What tools do I need to do a Gussi keratin treatment at home?

You need just a few essentials to get the Gussi job done: a towel, some hair clips to keep it all neat, a plastic fine-tooth comb, a round or paddle brush, a blow dryer and a flat iron. Make sure not to use a metal comb, as this can interfere with the active ingredients in our formula.

How long after a Gussi keratin treatment until I see results?

You’ll see results immediately after doing your treatment! We’re all about that instant gratification. The treatment takes just 15-30 minutes to process, plus some time to prep and style.

How long do I have to wait to wash my hair or wear a ponytail after a Gussi keratin treatment?

Believe it or not, you don’t have to wait! You can tie your hair up, shower, style, sweat, wash and live your life immediately after the treatment is locked in with a flat iron! Gussi is here to make your life easier with no downtime needed. Now go resume your regular routine and enjoy your new frizz-free hair!

How can I maintain my Gussi keratin treatment results?

Take good care of your hair by using a sulfate-free shampoo and deeply nourishing conditioner, like our Protection Plan™ Upkeep Shampoo and Conditioner. Because our Upkeep Shampoo and Conditioner both have keratin proteins in them, they do wonders to prolong your sleekness - it’s like a mini treatment refresh each time you use them!

Basically, the less you wash your hair, the longer your results will last. Results will begin to gradually fade as the weeks go on, eventually washing out completely (without leaving a harsh demarcation)—but healthier hair is able to hold onto smoothness and shine longer.

How many applications are included in one Gussi keratin treatment kit?

Take good care of your hair by using a sulfate-free shampoo and deeply nourishing conditioner, like our Protection Plan™ Upkeep Shampoo and Conditioner. Because our Upkeep Shampoo and Conditioner both have keratin proteins in them, they do wonders to prolong your sleekness - it’s like a mini treatment refresh each time you use them!

Basically, the less you wash your hair, the longer your results will last. Results will begin to gradually fade as the weeks go on, eventually washing out completely (without leaving a harsh demarcation)—but healthier hair is able to hold onto smoothness and shine longer.

Does your hair feel oily after using Gussi?

Nope! When applying your keratin treatment, we recommend that there should still be some Treatment Spray left in your strands after the light rinse. This helps to ensure that enough of the nourishing keratin goodies penetrate your hair, but it doesn’t make the hair oily. After the treatment is complete and you’ve blow dried and flat ironed, feel free to fully wash whenever you’d like.

How often should I use my Gussi keratin treatment kit?

The results last for up to six weeks, but we recommend placing an order again after four weeks to make sure you’ve got Gussi on-hand and ready to go for your next application. Or, to make things extra easy and convenient, subscribe to our Gussi Club and we’ll automatically send Gussi to your doorstep before you need your next application, saving you the hassle and extra moolah (hello, free shipping)!

If you have super frizzy hair, feel free to #gussiUP more frequently, as needed.

How much blow-dry time will I save after I use Gussi’s keratin treatment?

Gussi cuts blow dry time by 30% after just one treatment! This makes your morning routines easier and faster, and who doesn’t love that extra time back.

Is there a smell during the application process?

You may experience an acidic smell during the application process, this is normal and means that the keratin proteins are activated and working! We recommend applying the treatment in a well-ventilated area and chilling out in an open space while the treatment processes. If possible, open a window to help minimize the scent.

When “locking” in my Gussi keratin treatment, what temperature should my flat iron be set to?

After you’ve applied the keratin treatment, you’ll want to give your hair a light, casual rinse, but don’t get rid of the product entirely. You’ll want to use only lukewarm water and skip the shampoo or conditioner. Your hair should still have a little bit of slipperiness to it (similar to what you’d expect from a leave-in conditioner), this will help indicate that you’ve got enough product still on your strands. The keratin treatment itself is really the magic of the whole thing. By being careful not to over-rinse, this ensures there’s still enough product on the hair to do its thing when you lock in your look.

Does Gussi’s keratin treatment make your hair smell?

Due to the transformative nature of Gussi’s safe and effective keratin, there is potential for hair to retain a scent when it is wet. This is normal due to the activated keratin proteins, and it’s also temporary - if you experience this, the smell will go away as soon as your hair is completely dry. And after a couple of washes, the scent is gone for the remainder of the treatment.

How can I get free shipping?

We offer free shipping on any order over $75*. If you subscribe to either the Treatment Kit or the Bundle, every shipment always ships free*, and you’ll save money every time so you never again go a day without your Gussi. 

*Within the contiguous United States

When will my order ship?

As soon as you place your order, we’ll start processing it to get it on its way to you. This usually takes about a day or two and we’ll send you an email when your package has officially shipped.

Can I track my order?

You betcha. We send out a shipping confirmation email for all orders, which includes a tracking link—you can always check the status of your shipment there.

Where is my order shipping from?

Wichita, Kansas.

What if I’m unhappy with my results?

Nothing’s more important to us than people loving our products, so if for any reason, you’re unhappy with your results, we want to hear about it. Reach out to us directly and we’ll personally get in touch to help figure it all out and make sure you get what you need from us. Send a note to

Please expect a reply shortly, Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm EST and 24-48 hours after business hours.

Other questions or inquiries

If you have any other questions or inquiries, including press requests or opportunities to collaborate or work together, please email us at, and we will reply ASAP, typically within one business day or less!