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10 Popular 90s Hairstyles Trending in 2022

What’s old is new again! Fashion trends are constantly recycling, and that goes for hairstyles as well! Just take a look at these iconic 90s hairstyles making a big comeback in recent years. From shaggy mullets to pixie cuts, tiny brands to larger than life curls –  as you walk down the street or scroll social media you’re probably noticing these hairstyles left and right. So let’s pop in the VHS tape, turn our Walkman up to full blast, slip on our jelly sandals, and run through the top ten iconic 90s hairstyles trending in 2022.

Top 10 Popular 90s Hairstyles

Instagram: @kaylabylon Pixie Cut

Source: @kaylabylon

Halle Berry Pixie Cut

Source: US Magazine

1. Short Pixie Cut

    Halle Berry’s iconic ‘90s pixie cut caused a cultural shift felt around the world. This popular ‘90s hairstyle was liberating, iconic, and game-changing for every gorgeous gal contemplating whether or not they should take the plunge into the (often intimidating) world of short-hair fabulousness. Halle Berry expertly rocked this look, and even gave a recent interview commenting on the style saying that, “I had no hair to hide behind, it was just all me…Take it or leave it; love it or hate it. It was who I was.” We love this bold approach to hair styling– especially for the way it adds levels of androgyny, playful femininity, and endless refreshing styling options. Consider this your sign to take the plunge into the liberating and iconic silhouette of the short pixie cut.

    Meryl Streep Shaggy Mullet

    Source: Men's Health

    Miley Cyrus Shaggy Mullet

    Source: Allure

    2. Shaggy Mullet

    The shaggy mullet haircut  is back and better than ever! 2022 truly has been the year of the mullet, with playful styles and takes emerging from every corner of the fashion world. The mullet can be styled in a multitude of ways depending on your hair type, texture, and mullet styling preferences. Got bigger curls? We love a loose, long,  untamed shaggy mullet that knows no bounds. Have straighter hair with a thinner texture? Short and tight up top with a tousled, cascading flow of hair in the back is an epic way to add personal flair and volume to straighter, thinner hair types. Have fun with it! This playful and iconic ‘90s hairstyle shouldn’t be taken too seriously– shaggy mullets and good vibes only over here!

    Drew Barrymore Short Hair with Bangs
    Source: Pinterest
    @taylorlashae Short Hair with Bangs

    Source: @taylorlashae

    3. Short Hair with Bangs

    The short bang is the perfect spur-of-the-moment hairstyle makeover that can take your look from drab to fab in a matter of seconds! Drew Barrymore’s iconic take on short hair with bangs inspired a generation of rebellious teens looking to rock a more playful or untraditional style. Nowadays, you’ll see plenty of fashion-forward trendsetters rocking this straightforward bang look on the regular. This straight cut can add dimension to the way your hair frames your face, creating a more playful, and occasionally edgy look. Depending on your hair texture and style, this look can produce dramatically different results. So we recommend finding an example that fits your hair texture to see if you like the results, before taking the dramatic plunge into the world of bang-dom.

    Princess Diana 90s Bob Haircut
    Source: People
    Tik Toker: @70srose 90s Bob Haircut

    Source: @70srose

    4. The 90s Bob Haircut

    We have to say it, Princess Diana might just be the most coveted ‘90s style icon of all time. From casual to formal– she always put together flawless looks, with an iconic hairstyle to match. Throughout the ‘90s, her take on the bob haircut evolved– however, she always seemed to look perfectly put together in each take. Bobs are for gals who get stuff done– busy girls, boss girls, or badass girls. This look will stay out of the way, because as we know, you’ve got bigger things to focus on than making sure every strand of hair is perfectly in place. The bob is making a big comeback, and for good reason. Take a page from Princess Di’s playbook – rock a bob so you can continue to kill it at your big life goals, and look effortlessly cute while doing so.

    Brandy Tiny Braids
    Source: POPSUGAR
    @braidsgang Tiny Braids

    Source: @braidsgang

    5. Tiny Braids

    When you think of the tiny braids style that swept the scene in the ‘90s, you have to give credit to Brandy. Brandy has been committed to braids for the majority of her life. And the iconic, tiny braids of the ‘90s that many actresses, singers, and celebs rocked can be attributed to Brandy’s popularity and mainstreaming of the now beloved hairstyle. Tiny braids are a perfect low maintenance hairstyle that ranks high on the fabulousness scale. Perfect for helping to reduce frizz, and reducing tangling overtime. This iconic braiding style popularized in the ‘90s is taking the fashion scene by storm today.

    Julia Roberts Big Curly Hair
    Source: RUSSH
    @torikelly Big Curly Hair

    Source: @torikelly

    6. BIG Hair (Curls, Curls, Curls!)

    There were MANY celebs whose curls had their shining moments in the ‘90s. These looks let curly hair take the spotlight and truly be the star of the show. From Julia Roberts to Mariah Carey, if you had big curls in the ‘90s you were certainly letting them do their thing. We love this celebration of curly hair, and are especially excited about the comeback of the curls on curls on curls we’re seeing trending these days. The bigger the better, right?!

    Alicia Silverstone’s Cher Horowitz Clueless Tossover
    Source: Glamour
    @sommerray Clueless Tossover

    Source: @sommerray

    7. The ‘Clueless’ Tossover

    Rocking boring hair? Ugh, as if! Cher Horowitz from Clueless might have inspired the fashion choices of an entire generation of girls (we’re still not over the plaid yellow blazer and mini skirt combo), but it’s Cher’s hair that we’re highlighting on this list. Cher’s iconic Clueless hairstyle is voluminous and shiny without a frizzy flyaway in sight. This perfect tossover part is casual, part business, part fabulous. Perfect for days where you want that effortlessly-put-together look. Who said the side part was totally dead? As-if! There’s a reason this hairstyle is still so iconic, even after all these years!

    Pamela Anderson Wispy Tendrils
    Source: Mane Addicts
    @micahgianneli Wispy Tendrils

    Source: @micahgianneli

    8. Wispy Tendrils

    We can’t talk ‘90s hair without mentioning the iconic half-up half-down hair look accompanied by the perfect face-framing wispy tendrils on either side. This look was often perfected by the one and only Pamela Anderson. With the addition of her notorious platinum blonde coloring, this iconic ‘90s hairstyle will always have a place in our heart. The perfect hairstyle for the gym, the beach, the runway, or the gala. We’re obsessed with the versatility and timelessness of this sexy, low maintenance hairstyle from the ‘90s.

    Britney Spears Space Buns
    Source: Pinterest
    @mollymae Space Buns

    Source: @mollymae

    9. Space Buns Hair

    As seen sported by the one and only Britney Spears– this playful hairstyle is the perfect look for singing karaoke in your bedroom with a hairbrush as a microphone– or brunch with the girls on a late Sunday morning. Light-hearted, carefree, and cute, this look embodies how much fun the ‘90s really were when it came to fashion, hair, and culture. Nothing was off limits in pushing the envelope of style– and this iconic ‘90s hairstyle is one of our absolute favorites still spotted out and about today.

    Jennifer Aniston’s The Rachel
    Source: People
    @realbarbarapalvin The Rachel

    Source: @realbarbarapalvin

    10. ‘The Rachel’

    We can’t talk about the ‘90s without mentioning Friends… right? Rachel epitomized the up-and-coming fashionista trope so well throughout her tenure on this iconic television show. What was equally iconic was her hairstyle. Coined as ‘The Rachel’ – this hairstyle has never gone out of style. Interpreted in thousands of different ways, with countless hair textures, volumes, and lengths. This hairstyle is the perfect one to make your own. Fluffy, tousled layers that frame your face effortlessly. This half bob, half mid-length cut is perfect for anyone with big dreams looking for a hairstyle that can keep up with your sexy, chic style.

    Gussi and hair go hand in hand (or lock in lock?), which is why we love the diversification and celebration of popularized hairstyles that are making big comebacks in 2022. These 10 iconic ‘90s hairstyles are some of our favorite ways to get fun, sexy, and playful with your hair styling routine. Spicing things up and trying out a new hairstyle can go a long way for boosting your self-esteem, highlighting your hair's most unique characteristics, and just having fun expressing yourself! For added hair health, shop the Gussi selection of Keratin Treatments, Shampoos, Conditioners. And be sure to tag us on social media using the hashtag #gussiUP with your Gussi results, so you can be featured rocking your favorite ‘90s hairstyle on this list!